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Scheduling A Date For The Moving Wall™

What is the first step in scheduling a date for The Moving Wall?
You have already taken the first step in scheduling a date for The Moving Wall in your community. Simply requesting the information is a step many have overlooked. After reading over the information, the next step is filling out the SPONSOR APPLICATION form, found elsewhere in this guide, and mailing it back to the Memorial Fund of VCV, Ltd. By doing so, you are not committing to anything yet. You are simply requesting that you or your organization be put on a list of communities who will be considered for available dates when we compile the upcoming schedules. Because of the vast number of requests for the Moving Wall, sending in the completed application doesn't guarantee an available date, but not sending in the application guarantees you won’t get a date.

What happens with the applications?
Once we receive the form, we place the named organization on a list of applicants for the year’s schedule indicated on the form, in the order received. Since there are only a certain number of available display dates in any given year, the earlier we receive your application the better your chance of receiving a date. If you do not receive a date in the year indicated on your application, we automatically transfer your application to the next year's list.

Does being in the top 40 guarantee a date?
Unfortunately, nothing guarantees a date other than notification that a date is available and your acceptance of that date. Being within the first 40 communities listed certainly helps as we consider those who applied first and to those who have never had The Moving Wall in their community. However, because of the magnitude of logistics and expense in moving a rather large structure around the country, we take other considerations into account.

What are some of the other considerations when scheduling?
Other considerations made during scheduling are concerning climate (Maine is hardly the place to be in winter, from a Californian’s perspective at least), geographic relationships to other applicants, and whenever possible, we consider any specific dates a community may request for one reason or another.

Is the applicant informed as to their position on the list?
Since position on the applicant list is only one consideration of several that must be undertaken when scheduling, the sponsor is not informed upon receipt of the application as to what position is held. It would not be an accurate indicator at the time in showing if a date will be available or not. 

When can the applicant expect to hear from the Memorial Fund?
While we attempt to complete the scheduling by September, it is sometimes December before it is complete. All those who have been assigned dates will be notified what dates are available to their community. This process is in stages. If a date was not available with the first draft of the schedule, there is still a chance. Those who are informed of available dates have fourteen (14) days to accept and confirm those dates. If an applicant does not wish the available dates for their community, we notify the next applicant on the list, taking all considerations mentioned above, that those dates are available to them. We place those applicants not receiving dates for that year on the following year’s application list automatically.


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