The Moving Wall Platform and Setup

platform01_5.png platform02_6.png platform03_7.png platform04_8.png platform05_9.png
platform11_10.png platform06_11.png platform07_12.png platform08_13.png platform09_14.png
platform10_15.png platform12_16.png platform13_17.png platform14_18.png platform15_19.png
platform16_20.png platform17_21.png platform18_22.png platform19_23.png platform20_24.png
The setup varies from site to site, as you can see the water truck dumping water on the ground to soften it so the workers can drive the stakes deep enough to support The Wall. Many sponsors have the much-needed volunteer with a transit, a must for getting the platform perfectly level from end to end. Sometines The Moving Wall will display on an asphalt parking lot, as shown here, while other times it may be a sandy beach.