The Moving Wall™ Sponsorship Requirements

What are the exact financial obligations of the sponsor?

Basically, to defray the operating expenses of the display.

Are there other costs to have The Moving Wall?

As far as direct financial obligations to The Moving Wall, the display fee is all that is required. However, there are usually other costs incurred by sponsors besides those directly paid to the Memorial Fund (i.e., lodging, printing, lighting, staging, portable toilets, etc.).

Can The Moving Wall's display be used to raise funds for a local project?

The Moving Wall was not created to be a “fundraising device.” It is expressly understood that any and all moneys raised for the display of The Moving Wall will only be used to pay expenses directly related to the display of The Moving Wall. All excess moneys resulting after all sponsor’s expenses relating directly to the display have been paid will be used solely for the maintenance and upkeep of The Moving Wall and for the maintenance, upkeep and storage of the articles left at The Moving Wall by visitors. This is not to make the Memorial Fund of VCV, Ltd. rich. It is to insure that this memorial is not used or abused.

The sponsor will not collect donations, sell merchandise, or solicit memberships for any reason within 100 yards of the memorial site. Two donation boxes, accountable by the Memorial Fund of VCV, Ltd. will be placed at the site for any unsolicited contributions visitors may wish to make towards the continued upkeep and maintenance of The Moving Wall.

What about the articles left at The Moving Wall?

All items (medals, notes, letters, photographs, etc.) left at The Moving Wall are collected on the last day, marked and boxed, then shipped to the VCV, Ltd. office for storage in their warehouse. When The Moving Wall has fulfilled its need, a permanent museum will be constructed where The Moving Wall and all artifacts will be displayed as a permanent historical record. These items were left at The Moving Wall. They were not placed there as souvenirs for the sponsor, VCV, Ltd., or other visitors. They remain with The Moving Wall.

What about the Directory of Names?

The Memorial Fund will provide two (2) copies of the Directory of Names that will be mailed to each sponsor several months prior to The Moving Wall's arrival.


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