Physical Statistics Of The Moving Wall

How much space is required for The Moving Wall?


The Moving Wall stands 6 ft. in height at the center and gradually tapers to 4 ft. panels at each end. Each wall of the two that make up one structure is 126.2 ft in length, for a total length of 252.4 ft., slightly less than the length of a football field.

The minimum area required for The Moving Wall structure is 220 ft by 64 ft. The total overall length of the structure, as mentioned above, is 252.4 ft. However, the angle of 125° (degrees) at the center requires a minimum area to be 220 ft in length.

The most appropriate setting to display The Moving Wall is an outdoor, park-like setting.Construct a foundation that will properly support and protect The Moving Wall from stress damage prior to the Wall’s arrival.

Besides aesthetics, stakes that hold the support braces in place, are driven approximately 16–18 inches into the ground (by michael). The stakes used are steel concrete form stakes ¾” x 24”. For various reasons, damage to the memorial being primary, there is no alternative to using the stakes to hold the structure in place.


What is The Moving Wall made of?


The Moving Wall is made of aluminum panels. The original Plexiglas panel and wood-framed structure was retired after the 1986 display schedule and was replaced by Formica-laminated masonite panels and steel tubular framing, as well as a second structure being built at that time. However, the varied and often severe weather conditions proved too harsh for the laminated panels that needed constant maintenance and replacement.

Both structures were completely rebuilt at the end of 1988. The structures now consist of aluminum panels mounted to aluminum framing and supported with steel tubular bracing. Each panel fits into a u-channel base on the ground, giving added strength and which helps keep panels aligned during assembly. The entire concept gave much improvement to the structural strength, as well as appearance, of The Moving Wall. Towards the end of 1995 a third structure was constructed because of the ever-increasing requests for The Moving Wall.

With the addition of three names to the Wall in May 2002, as of January 1, 2003 there are 58,228 names on The Moving Wall, the same as the Wall in Washington, DC.


How many cities have hosted The Moving Wall?


At the end of 2002, The Moving Wall had been displayed in 867 communities from Hawaii to Alaska, in every state across the entire continental United States, as well as Canada and a visit to Puerto Rico in November of 1989. The Moving Wall visited Guam and the island of Saipan, located in the Northern Mariana Islands, in July 1993. Requests have come from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Germany.


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