Florida Veterans Steal The Moving Wall™
Trademark and Make Money from our Fallen Heroes

A group of Veterans in Brevard County, Florida sold a medallion with The Moving Wall inscribed on the back side. Vietnam Combat Veterans, Ltd. (VCV) did not give permission to this group of Veterans to place our trademark on it, nor do we sanction the sale of the medallion. If you visit a display of any of the portable Walls and see this medallion,  so that we can deal with the matter.

Vietnam Combat Veterans, Ltd. first used the name The Moving Wall in 1985, establishing first-use trademark. Several people associated with the Florida group have sent email messages to me, claiming that they cannot find us in the USPTO database. We are not in the database, and are not required to be in order to own the trademark. I recommend to anyone that wishes to research this information to go to the USPTO web site, and read in detail about trademark law.

For now, Ken Baker has complied with my demands, but we expect that he will infringe upon our trademark in the future. We ask your help in keeping an eye on this person and the organizations with whom he associates, and please let us know if you see any of the medallions.

last updated June 7, 2013
Please if you see this medallion.